Gone (bucue) wrote in gundam00,

The almost 250 members contest.

So the community is growing rapidly and seems to be building quite the nice little community around it and I thought it was time we got a nice theme up for the community (rather than the default ones, as much as I love them). But the community to me is based around the people in it not the mods choices, so because of that I thought the best option to go with would be to have a contest to make a layout. So..

The almost 250 members contest!

Any character combination is allowed.
Any colours or style is allowed.
It must be 00 related.
It must render correctly in all major browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE7 and Opera).
Entries must be fully made by yourself, using only official images (no fanart).
Up to 2 entries per person.
Entry is open until December 10th 2007.

To enter please submit a screen cap of the layout to this post (comments will be screened, but all non-entries will be unscreened), after the contest owns a voting post will go up and the community will decide the winner. There aren't any prizes but you may get a small island in the Hawaii area named after you in a fictional language which incidentally means it's name doesn't change at all because that's exactly your name in it!
Tags: comm:contest, comm:layout

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