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Fanfiction Contest || R E S U L T S

It's been more than 2 months. I really have no excuse to give >__< i'm so sorry at how late this is.

Anyways it hasn't exactly been a difficult judging but we feel that there are 2 submissions that deserves to be the winners. Although they're both written for different themes, we were impressed at how well they were written for each of the respective themes chosen and the characterisation is truly brilliant.

Congratulations!! juuchan & trixie_chick! You both are the winners of gundam00's first fanfiction contest =D

I will have your banners ready in a few days as soon as i'm able to make them.

I wish to thank the following awesome judges who have helped me with reviewing the entries and giving the scores ♥ (thank you for being so patient with me as well):


To the other participants, _pratz_, yafromuk and kitsune_no_ame, thank you so much for your submissions. I really REALLY appreciate it because your participation together with the winners have made it possible for there to be a competition in the first place and i've certainly enjoyed reading your fics ^___^

You 5 may publicly post your fics to gundam00 and/or submit them to The Mechaphiles =D

On another note, i'm planning on changing the layout in order to welcome in the 2nd season. So there'll be another competition. Will post up more info and a deadline for that soon.
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