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Gundam 00 Second Season novel 4

This volume covers episodes 18-22, and looks like the 5th volume will be from 22-End. As the subtitle is "Anew Return", expectedly it focuses on Lyle and Anew, but there's also considerable Louise, Setsuna and Bushido, among others. Katharon crackdown seems to be missing although Marina's song is mentioned. I don't know if it's not in the novel, moved to vol 5 or the summarizer just gloss over it.


Summary is out at kouryakukan as usual.
Good Haro translated the summary, with a few patchwork from my side, as well as leaving some untranslated lines in Japanese because well, she has her preferences and I have mine.

Thank you to all translators!

Black = Japanese summary
Blue = Good Haro
Green = sapphire_hime
Violet = mike_s_6
Red =  me, through katakana, Google, Excite and context-guesswork
{} = comment

00 S2 Novel 4 Summary

{some bits of this are more paraphrased than directly translated; I’m only noting parts where I’m skipping sections/heavily abbreviating it}

It covers up until Setsuna and Bushido’s final battle.
The episode with Lyle and Anew has been drastically revised.
Nena’s death scene was made more gory.
{fans of Nena, consider this as a warning; really graphic description down at P349, in case you don't want to read it}

The cover is Lyle and Anew by Yoneyama Kohei, with Cherudim Gundam in the background.
The pin-up is Gadessa, Garazzo and Gaddess by Yanase.
On the backside {of the pin-up} is Lyle embracing Anew from the back by Uon Taraku.
Since it went on sale after the series ended, there isn’t much in the way of spoilers but there are many new episodes.
Mainly with respect to the emotional component.

P23 Prologue
Lyle and Anew

"You don't really like being called "Lockon" much, don't you?"
The two started to get closer to each other from this remark of Anew.

An addition of a scene where Lyle confesses to Anew.
"I am, not a sniper. Frankly my forte is definitely in quick draw."
Lyle kisses Anew.

P29 Chapter 1
Marie’s turned into Souma again and has a scene with Saji.
Saji fails miserably at trying to get Souma to understand Al’s feelings about keeping her out of battle.
“Are you trying to rob me of my chance to express my anger and my grief!?”

{pages 28-29 sound like scenes from Drama CD 4}

Ribbons and Regene’s discussion.
It’s clear that Wang Liu Mei’s assets have been depleted.

Explains how Marina’s song got on the radio, apparently a soldier heard it, recorded it and sent it to a radio station

A shower scene of Soma was added (but there’s no illustration)
She reflects on Sergei’s death and her hatred of Andrei.

An addition to Lyle and Anew's portrayal.
Lyle asked Anew about her family.
Answering himself, he thought, "I know, and yet, why am I asking about it? I am... [feeling like an idiot]!."

The iris of her eyes sparkled with a gold color.
“…” Again…? Lyle takes a short breath.
When this happens, the enemy always comes and attacks after a few hours.
Lyle guessed almost accurately what this meant, but he had no plans to tell Sumeragi and others.
After all, it’s only a good thing if he can beat A-Laws.
How can I not protect a woman who I have fallen in love with!

Illustration of Saji and Setsuna

Chapter 2

Illustration of GN Archer’s battle

Setsuna and Saji sortied. Setsuna worries about Saji, who is looking for Louise's machine in the battlefield, and does not swerve his camera much following him.
[I could not phrase this very well, it's much like he's got his mech's camera focused on Saji.]

Depiction of Hiling’s feelings.
She demonstrates her belligerent nature, baring her teeth with her eyes open wide. {I hate this kind of not-sentence that Japanese seems so fond of}

Louise and Saji’s talk in the GN particles.

Added scene depicting Andrei’s feelings.
“It’s not a joke! I still haven’t even called her by her first name!”
{sorry, no context to make that make more sense}
{I would guess it's about his lack of relationship progress with Louise}

Tieria vs Revive; Revive’s captured by Seravee.

Revive imagines Hiling snidely reporting his capture to Goodman.
In her stubborn mind, Hiling swore that once the world was unified, she’d ask Ribbons to build a useless facility somewhere near the North Pole and have that stuck-up man demoted [to a position there]. {Note: According to kouryakukan at least, Hiling does expressly use the word “man” in reference to Revive; also, lol Hiling}

Chapter 3

2 page spread. Lyle, Sumeragi and Tieria across from Revive. And Anew with a gun to Millena’s head.

Anew’s rampaging through Ptolemy, pretty much the same as what we saw in the anime. Apparently she didn’t hurt Feldt because Anew was made female and had an unconscious dislike of hurting members of her sex.

Interaction of Lyle and Anew {the hostage scene}
Anew asked Lyle, "Will you come with me?"
"That's not a bad idea too", he honestly thought.

{Lyle’s conflicted about shooting Anew}

Regnant has a Gundam head inside it, but it’s not in the A-LAWS database {lol, wat}

Tieria’s driving Ptolemy.
While in hiding, Tieria honed his combat and MS development abilities, as well as general battleship operation skills.

Lyle vs. Anew.
A depiction of Lyle’s sentiments upon being separated from Anew in the battlefield.
Though I am aware that my choice has puts my comrades in danger, I got taken into the temptation, and left the war front.

Tieria’s hyper burst mode and Arios being attacked.

Two page spread of Cherudim with a gun turned on Gaddess.

Ilustration of Lyle prying open Gaddess’s cockpit and Anew.

Being hit by several of Regnant’s big particle beams, Tieria makes a pained face. Being electrocuted, he [describes] the sensation “It’s a pain that feels like my skin’s been covered in black powder that’s been ignited all at once.”

There is a description of Anew's memories and feelings.
Lyle and Anew trade stories about their pasts.
Anew doesn't remember being an innovator. That part is sealed.
Anew realizes the emptiness that needs Lyle just as Lyle realizes he needs Anew.
One day, Lyle says "You are just who you are."

Lyle cradles the beaten Anew, whose consciousness has been hijacked. He did not feel any fear of death even in the particles.
[I do not know who the speaker is in the next lines, so I’m lost with the context]


{Lyle and Anew in particle space,
Lyle has a scar on his head from where he fell out of a tree when he was young and only Anew knows about it}

Lyle’s feelings when the Gaddess blows up.

Before I met you (Anew), I was always alone.
I was empty.
Just like the time when I was informed of the death of my parents and younger sister.
Just like the time when I was informed of the death of my elder brother.
Of course I felt sad, but I could not shed any tears.
I thought of myself as a seriously cold-hearted person.
~etc, it follows with more winding emotions to Anew.

Lyle beating on Setsuna while crying.
Al and Soma were loitering around {er, idk, there’s a bunch of kana and I can’t quite figure out what words it breaks down into}
Setsuna thinks Lyle ought to hit him some more.

Chapter 4

After Anew’s death, Lyle locked himself in his room. Al and Souma work on their machines and Tieria’s on the bridge helping out with system restoration. 

Saji catches sight of Setsuna’s eyes glowing.

Setsuna and the others’ boots are magnetic.

Lyle points his gun at Setsuna’s back.
{Lyle angst}

Illustration of Mister Bushido, Louise and Andrei

Depiction of Setsuna’s awakening as an Innovator.
[The wound to his right shoulder was healing bit by bit for the first time]
[Setsuna was becoming aware that he himself was changing from the start]

Saji and dream-Lockon (Neil)’s words crossed Setsuna’s mind.
“I’m… changing. I wonder what the result will be.”

{Nena kills Hong Long. Wang bitches about having to take the head-ship in her brother’s place}

Bushido appears before Setsuna.

Wang’s monologue:
“I’d sacrifice CB, the Innovators and even my own brother’s life to achieve change.”

2 page spread; Nena and Wang and Throne Drei

Wang killed by Nena

Louise vs Nena
“The enemy MS (Regnant)’s red talons tore through Nena’s abdomen and destroyed her internal organs. She was sliced clear in half save for a few strands of muscle.”

Louise rejoicing after killing Nena:
“I did it. I did it. I killed her.”
“The sensation from when the [my] talons {and something, nfc what ずむり is} thrust into her stomach is still on my hands.”
“I went as far as killing someone for revenge, I wonder if my parents would be proud.”
[Louise's world was changed]
[But, there was no love there]

Setsuna vs Bushido

P365-66 Description of Susano-o’s weapons
The beam oscillators for “Shiranui” in the left hand and “Unryuu” in the right came from Masurao’s left and right weapons, “Howard” and “Daryl” respectively. {;~; I’m touched!}

Susano-o was equipped the ability to deploy a GN field, but didn’t really think he should use it.

Bushido’s monologue:
“I’ve already accumulated so many weapons I can’t even count them all.
To be precise, let me say it 182 times!” {umm… I think I may have something wrong in here, fucking Bushido speak}

Bushido’s monologue goes on and on:
“I want to fight. I want to fight and win. Against a Gundam!
It’s fine if you’re an obstacle to my desires from the beginning to the end!
That’s where my sky is clear!
There isn’t a single cloud in that sky!
Even space too! (“space” is glossed “sky”)”

Setsuna and Graham’s meeting in particle-space.

Graham and Homer’s past.
Graham asked Homer:
“What I’m seeking is the hight that only a fighter can achieve.”

Bushido vs Setsuna
“I’ve lost!”
“Please, cut me down!”

Bushido exited Susano-o’s cockpit because the emergency escape function was activated (the hatch opened on it’s own)

Bushido’s feelings
[The enlightenment that was in my mind has vanished, and in it's place the feeling defeat rains down like rain from dark clouds and soaks deeply into his heart]
[It's not just swordsmanship, he feels like he's lost on a level even above that. He's tasting a strong sense of disgrace and defeat that he's never experienced before.]

From Setsuna to Bushido.
“Fight to live.”

Saji says to Setsuna:
“Setsuna…Thank you. I feel the same way.”

Bushido’s feelings.

Floating around the cockpit is the trusty sword he received from his teacher.

“Fight to live”
Setsuna’s voice troubles Bushido.

P389 Epilogue
Regene’s monologue.

In the instant the 00 Raiser struck the last blow against Susano-o, Setsuna unconsciously let loose his QBW.

2 page spread preview of the next volume
Setsuna and Ribbons in normal suits. Reborns Gundam in the background.
Setsuna “This rebirth you’ve brought about… I’ll destroy it myself!”
This is probably the last volume covering the TV series.

But, since volume 4 was titled “Anew Return” Lyle and Anew were the focus…
There was absolutely no mention of Kati and Patrick….

Edit: More illustration cam pics.

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  • 00 BJD Хороша Маша! ©

    From here Doomo renaaz ^^

  • Sunshine 60 Observatory

    Hi everyone! Right now there a little stamp rally going on in Ikebukuro and one of the locations is the Sunshine 60 Observatory where they currently…

  • Gundam 00 stamp rally

    Hi everyone! Today was the beginning of the Gekijouban Gundam 00 stamp rally sponsored by Tokyo Metro. Basically you buy a special one-day pass that…